Sunday, July 19, 2009

Enjoying Kwek-Kwek on the Streets

Enjoying life in the city can be as simple as eating fishballs on the sidewalk. PhotobucketI used to do that a lot on my elementary days. For a peso, you already have 4 little fishballs. But a more enjoyable treat nowadays, and it has already become a favorite in the city, is munching on kwek-kwek. Yes. Kwek-kwek! For people inside the country, yes, we have kwek-kwek here in Cagayan de Oro; for people outside the country, I introduce you to kwek-kwek.

Kwek-kwek is a local treat not only present here in the city, but scattered around the country as well. It is sold in moving stalls put up by local entrepreneurs around the city after the sun sets. Lately, I’ve been seeing already a number of mini-stores selling kwek-kwek as their main product. Kwek-kwekThe delicacy is made up of either chicken egg or duck egg coated with a mixture of flour, baking powder, water, salt, and pepper. After which, it is then deep fried. When already cooked, it is either served with vinegar, gravy, or a special sauce made by the vendor. Diced cucumbers are also available for those who want to top their kwek-kwek with a bit of veggies.

One of the biggest factors that make kwek-kwek sell is its affordability. Depending on the vendor, it’s either sold at P10.00 or P8.00. Another factor that made it sell is it being sold with drinks (soft drink or buko juice) that ranges from P5.00 to P7.00. It’s really very affordable. With P25.00, I feel like I’m already having dinner. I guess that’s also one of the factors why many people enjoy eating kwek-kwek. It’s really amusing seeing yourself being able to buy a lot with just a little amount of money.

I don’t know about everyone else, everyone has distinct tastes; but I really enjoy the feeling of eating out on the streets at night with that cold ambiance and all those colors that light up the streets. So if you enjoy that, too, then I guess you’ll enjoy your stay here in this city.


sexxy_bug said...

This is originally an Egg which has been reconstructed and renamed by adding flour and food coloring(yellow) and some salt and this formula created the birth of the new food called "KWEK-KWEK" lol... it sounds weird but its good specially when you are drunk and no broke lol... its only P8 to P10 each can't be more than that if it is dont buy it you can always find a cheaper vendor in the next nearest corner their everywhere lol.. hope this helps to those of the uninlightened one's lol.. enjoy cagayan de oro city my hometown!!

Marion Go said...

@sexxy_bug: Yeah, you're right. It IS good most especially when you're drunk. Lol. But I would like the readers to take note that not everything can find it's value based on the price. Although it is true--there are a number of vendors there who sell at a lower price. But most importantly, check if the Kwek-kwek they have is still hot. If not, that wouldn't be very inviting to our palate. A tip, check the color. You'll know if it's worth tasting. And again, I would really like to stress out to look if it's still HOT.

iangue said...

You should include those food that vendors outside of XU sell. But anyways, I miss KWEK KWEK! Let's grab some when I come home this october. Okay?

Marion Go said...

@Ian: Yes yes, that's a good idea. I will feature that in future posts. For everyone's information XU (Xavier University) is one of the notable universities here in Northern Mindanao. Surrounding provinces and cities often include this university on their list of schools to go to.

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